Tom Lieber on 4 May 2006 10:52:13 -0000

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Re: [PhillyOnRails] MacBook Choices

On 5/3/06, Steve Eichert <> wrote:
I've been trying to decide between the 15" and 17" as well.  With the price
of the 17" being cheaper then a 15" (both maxed out at 2.16g and 2GB RAM)
I'm tempted to go with the 17".  I currently have a Toshiba Tablet which is
only a 12" screen so I'm not sure if the 17" will be way to big or not.
Anyone out there with a 17" have any insight into how "clunky" it is.  Is
the extra processor and RAM worth the extra cash?  I usually max things out
since it stays closer to the top of the line longer that way :)

Any thoughts?

I got a Dell with a 17" screen because I wanted a desktop computer replacement, and it's great to work and watch movies on. You definitely find yourself considering and reconsidering whether you *really* need your computer when you go places, though. As a student, it's annoying because the only bag it fits in is its big, leather laptop bag.


Tom Lieber
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