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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Pub Night Advice


Thanks for the advice.  I was leaning toward calling, but wasn't sure what the protocol was.  If you do decide to make it out, we'd be happy to have you there (that goes for anyone on this list, of course).



On 1/8/08, Mat Schaffer <> wrote:
On Jan 8, 2008, at 4:36 PM, Brian Donahue wrote:
> The Philly ALT[dot]NET group is doing our first pub night next
> Wednesday, and I expect 10-15 people.  I'm wondering how you've
> found Chaucer's for your pub nights, in particular the seating,
> space for a group that size, ability to converse without screaming,
> and hopefully without breathing second hand smoke?  I guess the
> latter is a lot less common in Philly these days anyway.  If you
> have other suggestions, I'm all ears.

Chaucer's is great like people said (except the no wifi part).  The
2nd floor is usually completely empty on weeknights (although not
always heated).  And there's also a 1st floor room toward the back
with tables.  And no smoking inside of course.

I have one very important request.  PoR has a good relationship with
the establishment, so please work to do the same.  Try to call a week
advance to let them know you're coming, (215) 985-9663.  The best time
to call is at 5:30p-5:45p because they've just opened and don't have
many customers to attend to.  They may assume you're with PoR, so
maybe explain a bit.

Once you're there identify yourself as the organizer so they know who
to talk to should they have any trouble with the tab or remembering
peoples names.

I'd say the same protocol should stand for any location really.  Call
in advance consistently, tip well, and you should be in good favor
with the establishment in no time.

Good luck!  I'd come myself, but between PoR, Philly Lambda and my new
PS3 I think I'm gonna consider this month booked.
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