Peter Bachman on 25 Mar 2008 13:59:27 -0700

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Re: Social meeting with brian d foy next week

Cioccolato Messicano
Mexican Chocolate. Sweet and Hot. Hints of bitter almond, ancho chili and chipotle powder. Hits you at the end.


Walt Mankowski wrote:
On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 12:08:45PM -0400, Walt Mankowski wrote:
Another place that's been suggested offline is Tony Luke's.  There are
two that I know off -- the original at 2nd and Oregon, and Tony Luke's
Jr. at 18th and Chestnut.

Well, we need to decide on a place and time before it gets too much
later.  Tony Luke Jr. seems to be the ideal combination of great
cheesesteaks, aged provolone, and convenient location, so let's go
with that.  And since it's too late to do tonight, let's plan on
Wednesday night.

Here are the details:

Tony Luke Jr.
118 S. 18th St. (between Chestnut and Sansom)
Wednesday, March 26
7 PM

Afterwards we can take brian around Rittenhouse Square, then take him
to sample Philadelphia's best gelato [1].


1. (pick the Rittenhouse

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