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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] August meeting plans?

On Jul 29, 2011, at 13:27 , Randall Sindlinger wrote:

> On another note, I am definitely interested in keeping this group alive; I've changed jobs,
> and no longer work for Penn, but my new position involves a lot of perl scripting, now on
> unix *and* windows.  As such, PerlMongers has become more relevant to me than PLUG
> (Philly Linux User's Group). and PLUG compete with each other slightly in that they
> are both evening meetings the 1st week of the month; when push comes to shove, I'll be
> choosing to make room for over PLUG.

Yes, the timing isn't the best. I did what I could to avoid clashes with other events happening in the city. You'd be surprised how much is going on! That said, if people can find a better date that doesn't present any conflicts, groups have been known[1] to change their schedules in the past. I did my research by looking at technicallyphilly's events page[2] and finding dates with no/few conflicts. Shockingly, Monday was mostly empty at the time. Looking presently, the weekend seems to be mostly empty, but the issue there is that people tend to already have plans (e.g. I do a bunch of tabletop RPGs on the weekend). So keep that sort of thing in mind when looking for a reschedule.

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren
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