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Re: [Philadelphia-pm] Persistent data directory

FWIW if it's configuration data then by convention on win platforms it
should go in the registry since that was created to get rid of the myriad of
INI and config files.  Granted there's bloat associated with the modules and
such needed to access the registry. I would think that putting the location
of the config information file in a registry entry and then storing the data
in a more perlish way/location might make a tolerable hybrid solution. 

.... ken

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On Nov 16, 2011, at 13:34, Nate Smith wrote:

> How much data are you talking about?  If it's reasonably small, and 
> you are definitely only working with Win32, you could always consider 
> keeping it in the registry.

What benefit does keeping it in the registry gain? Keeping things there
makes it more difficult to get them out later (have to use specialized
tooling); one has to consider where to store it (the registry is not really
the simplest datastore); one has to consider possible loss of data in the
event of a corrupted registry; and I can't see any real benefit.

Thanks and best regards,
Chris Nehren

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