Kurt Starsinic on Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:31:24 -0500 (EST)

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Re: Fetchmail problems..

Jason Costomiris wrote:
> Using fetchmail 4.5.8.  ~/.fetchmailrc generated by fetchmailconf.  I
> invoke fetchmail, it connects to the POP server, authenticates properly
> using APOP.  It starts downloading mail, and does the SMTP forwarding
> stuff correctly.  The problem comes on the last message.  If I have N
> messages, fetchmail downloads N - 1 messages.  It then just sits there,
> and doesn't do much of anything.  I see activity on the ISDN router,
> and even sniffed the network.  It seems that I'm getting a bunch of
> "." characters and nothing else.  Message N never gets RETR'd.
> Where did I err?  BTW - the POP server on the other end is a MetaInfo
> POP3 server (from their Sendmail for NT package).  Eudora for Windoze
> NT is able to pick up from it, but I don't want to use NT. :-)

    Sure smells like a server-specific problem to me.  Those two little
letters (`NT') make me suspicious.  Eudora probably works around a
server bug.

    You may find some more useful information by running fetchmail in
debug mode.

> By the way, fetchmail doesn't send DELE commands after successful RETR's.
> Is it just me, or shouldn't it do that?

    With POP?  Are you thinking of IMAP?

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