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Re: X through a telnet session?

>>  My reply to rsuchowi@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu's mail was: 
> Is it possible run X through a telnet session?  If so, could
> someone send me to the documentation.
> What I am pondering is if it is possible to get X running
> through a telnet session, then is is possible to get Corel
> Word Perfect running as well.  My grand vision is to have
> the secretarial staff at the office telnet into the linux
> box that in turn will use samba to access the word
> processing documents.  The purpose of which is so that if
> one chooses, they connect to their ISP and telnet into the
> linux box start an x session and load Word Perfect for Linux
> so they can work from home on a weekend instead of slogging
> into the office. (Am I asking tooooo much :}

A cleaner solution would be to use SSH with X11 forwarding ;
you can do this with at least the DataFellows SSH for windows,
paired with a PC Xserver.  One of the most troublesome
problems would be bandwidth,  though solutions are available.



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