Scott R. Myers on Tue, 13 Apr 1999 06:23:17 -0400 (EDT)

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NT and Linux in harmony (was "RE: Trade Fair ideas")

My 2 cents.  Because of what I do I'm exposed to a lot of very experienced
security, network, nt and unix gurus.  When I bring up topics of Unix and
NT it's interesting to me how many have an even handed view of the two. 

Bottom line the NT people, although comitted, are quite aware that Unix
(Linux) is far more mature and as a result benfits in its stability,
robustness and flexibility.

Unix people, also quite comitted, admit that the UI of Microsoft has a lot
of what it's taking the Unix community time to pull together on but more
importantly standardize on.

All that said I guess there is room for both.  I think when I grow up I'll
use a lot of Unix for my critical systems and NT (Windows 9x blah) for
front end interfaces to access the Unix apps and handle office automation.

Did someone say BEOS ;-)


At 12:39 PM 4/12/99 -0700, Adam Moore wrote:
>Also people say that Linux is bad b/c theres not much
>software for it. MS is still commiting antitrust
>stuff. They're the big boys in software and they use
>this edge to draw families and other users away from
>All there gonna get is a "slap in the wrist". Sad..
>--- Ron Fountain <> wrote:
>> Amen, I'm sick of people who are say UNIX/Linux is
>> old and worn out...NT
>> doesn't impress me.  I'm going to study and learn
>> Linux, a real OS, and not
>> just use NT like another sheep in the Microsoft
>> pastures.
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>> I totally agree with all this stuff. I can't get to
>> the meetings because of other reasons also. I also
>> think that it should be something in the means of
>> showing people how great Linux really operates. When
>> I
>> talk to some other people about it, they think it's
>> like Dos or something, all these commands that take
>> forever to learn. Linux is much better then
>> Microsoft's cheap, overpriced OSs. Linux is the new
>> wave, so why don't we get more people to hop on :)
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