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Re: [Plug] I hope this won't cause a distro war, but...

On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, Morgan Wajda-Levie wrote:

> repackaged CD from places like Cheapbytes and Linux Mall for under $5

When I bought RedHat I got it from http://www.cheapbytes.com, when I
bought Debian, I bought it from http://www.lsl.com.au

I didn't use cheapbytes for Debian because they didn't offer the Official
Debian CD.  A lot of places offer modified CDs.. I suppose they've got
some kind of improvements, but that's not what I wanted... I wanted the
official thing, that totally matched the online documentation.

Obnoxiously cheap....  I opted to do the $5 optional donation when I
bought Debian.  So the Debian folks got $5 from me, and RedHat got $0 :)
(Yes, this is legal and just and the way the GPL meant it to be)

Actually... I have a pair of Debian 2.1 stable CDs right here, if you want
me to burn a copy & bring them next wednesday.

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