Charles Stack on Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:42:17 -0400 (EDT)

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RE: [Plug] Upgraded GNOME - Old account stopped working

>Ok. Never would have thought that. What'd you do? Change the uid in
>and not change permissions? Thats really weird. But definitely explains the

Nah...Just installed enlightenment rev 15.  But, I telneted into that
account and su'd into root to do the rpm upgrade with rpm -U  Could that
have done it?

>Yeah. DR.16 just came out. Dude... it blows .15 away. I'll probably build
>rpm's for RH6 later if I can get the source today. The servers have all
>been /.'d.

Will you let us get them when they're ready? :-)

>> One last question...where does one get the latest ident rpm?  I couldn't
>> find it anywhere.

>Your install media? Or redhat's ftp site. Or build an rpm. Whats wrong with
>the one you're using?

The folks at said that I needed a version of ident that is newer
than the one on my system.  Same thing for pam.  It was needed for the
development versions of Gnome (particularly ORBit).  Didn't need them for a
straight binary install.


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