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RE: [Plug] Upgraded GNOME - Old account stopped working

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Charles Stack wrote:

> >Ok. Never would have thought that. What'd you do? Change the uid in
> /etc/passwd
> >and not change permissions? Thats really weird. But definitely explains the
> >wacktedness.
> Nah...Just installed enlightenment rev 15.  But, I telneted into that
> account and su'd into root to do the rpm upgrade with rpm -U  Could that
> have done it?

No. I've done that. It was definitely not rpm.

> >Yeah. DR.16 just came out. Dude... it blows .15 away. I'll probably build
> >rpm's for RH6 later if I can get the source today. The servers have all
> >been /.'d.
> Will you let us get them when they're ready? :-)

Absolutely. I've been posting rpm's of the cvs version on for
a while now.

> >>
> >> One last question...where does one get the latest ident rpm?  I couldn't
> >> find it anywhere.
> >Your install media? Or redhat's ftp site. Or build an rpm. Whats wrong with
> >the one you're using?
> The folks at said that I needed a version of ident that is newer
> than the one on my system.  Same thing for pam.  It was needed for the
> development versions of Gnome (particularly ORBit).  Didn't need them for a
> straight binary install.
There isnt an updated rpm in the RH erratta? What about RH6.1? Or... just snag
the source and use that.

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