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Re: [Plug] Learning Perl

A lot of computer books certainly are crap. I tend to either buy books on reccomendation, publisher, or of course for a class, or just borrow books from friends. All of the ones that I've bought w/o reccomendation seem to have been pretty bad. Are computer books for classes generally bad and expensive? I'd consider C++ Program Design a reason to almost not take Comp Prog I and II at Drexel, but I haven't exactly taken many computer courses so I defer to those w/ more experience here.

Incidentally, I ran accross the funniest course in a Temple non-credit course guide:
Beyond the Basics:
World Wide Web - Downloading
Find out how to download and work with files from the Internet, including un-zipping and installing the downloaded files. Learn about security features on the Internet.

I have some knowledge of how these publishing methods work. Th epublishing
company will see a niche that needs a book, and put out a contract whoever
writes the book gets X sum of cash..
the authors lobby for privs to write the book..and someone gets it.
It's kinda the reverse o fthe traditional writing industry..someone writes a
book, and takes it to a publisher...
Consequently, the quality of said books may be spotty from time to time..I used
to go to Borders, get all of the boooks on a subject I was intereasted in, head
over to the cafe, and peruse them all until I found the one that best suited my
I no longer do that...after numerous trips like this, I realised this was a
pointless I go in, and grab one of two publishers, O'Reilly, or
Stone Soup (altho' Stone Soup wqas purchased by sams and haven't published a
book since). And I'm cretain I've got the best book on the subject..end of
Sorry for thejittery tone of this email, and the typos, I've had *WAY* too much

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