Aarune J. Oracle on Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:24:18 -0400 (EDT)

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Re: [PLUG] boot manager

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Lawrence Goodman wrote:

:last night i installed cladera linux on my machine and it overrode my
:partition magic bootmanager so now the linux lilo controls which system i
:boot into. the lilo gives me about five seconds to make up my mind and then
:chooses linux if i dont move fast enough. how do i get my bootmanager from
:parttion magic to be the defaul again or at least change lilo so that it
:gives me more time (or makes windows the default).

Edit /etc/lilo.conf in there you will see a line that sais default=linux
change that to your windows to make it boot up that by default.  Or in
there should be a time out, you can up that time.  

If you want to get partition magic back in the MBR, make the partition
magic rescue disks, in there is a menu for restoring the bootloader.


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