Darxus on Sat, 27 Jan 2001 01:27:04 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] february plug meeting location - better room at the convention center

On 01/26, Beldon wrote:
> It's ot a matter of how late, per se.  It's the freedom we used to have to 
> just hang around until whenever.

I do appreciate the freedom we've had in other places, but it seems like
the convention center is willing to work with us, when our desires are
actually expressed to them.

> It's no problem, really.  It's just that some folks saw net access as a 
> necessity (which makes no sense to me) while having a time limit and/or 
> running the risk of being bumped (not to mention being bandied about from 
> room to room) didn't seem to bother anyone.
> So be it, then.

So we've got all objections to the use of the convention center covered,
and actually reached a consensus, and will meet at the convention center
in february ?

Now how long do we expect to be using the room ?  Trying to recall how
long we were there when the time limit was me having to catch a train..
and I think I pretty much always had to kick people out so I could catch
the train... around 11 ?

On 01/12, beldon wrote:
> Don't get me wrong-- I personally (and I'm sure those of us who attend
> meetings too) appreciate the fact that you're going through all this to
> keep us there.

I want to clarify that I have not gone out of my way to keep us at the
convention center.  I have only relayed offers from the convention center
given to my by Andrew, and attempted to drag a consensus out of the group.


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