Rebecca Ore on Thu, 8 Mar 2001 09:05:30 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] portmap and other things

On Thu, 08 Mar 2001, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:

> I'm also coming from the stance that I'm basically okay with a port
> scan. I mean, plenty of people walk past my front door; some might
> even try the doorknob (hey, maybe they were actually looking for my
> neighbor, but got the wrong apartment number). Doesn't bother me till
> they come in and start eying my stereo. And that's what the baseball
> bat's for. ;^>

For a lot of people who are running RedHat who aren't sophisticated
admins, PortSentry appears to be useful.  Most of the probes are from
compromised boxes running automated scripts, not from individuals
actively going after a specific box.  Most of the compromised boxes
have been RedHat 6.2 or older installs, with maybe an occasional other
commercial Linux.

Rebecca Ore

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