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Re: [PLUG] Lilo Help needed and Win2K

At the LILO prompt for your boot floppy type:
linux boot=/dev/hda3
That's assuming that everything is in the same partition. If not you need to sub your boot partition for /dev/hda3. When it boots you will get a lot of error messages, don't worry about them. As root type:
and you should be good to go after a reboot. If you want to make a boot floppy I believe it tells you how in the LILO man page or the HOWTO.


At 08:37 PM 4/11/01 -0400, you wrote:
Hello all

I tried setting up a dual boot laptop IBMST21 ad I messed up..
I installed lilio into the MBR and rebooted the box and lilo came up jsut
fine...and then I removed it from the MBR and then the box didn't boot up..
So then I did and fdisk /MBR on the C: drive to restore the WIN MBR and was
still not able to boot in any manner...just a dead screen..
So my question is:

I have a boot floppy from another do I tell lilo on that floppy how
to boot the kernel on the dead floppy..
I tried a bunch of things at the lilo prompt...but no luck..
The image on the dead laptop is on /dev/hda3

what do I have to type at the lilo prompt in order to get this kernal to
boot up??



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