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RE: [PLUG] Backup options?

On 26 Apr 2001 17:40:13 -0400, Gleeson, Francis (HT-EX) wrote:
> As for the ability to bring back a single file, I do'nt put much weight
> on that. It is nice that the imaging software can handle it. I think backups
> are mostly for catastrophic disk failure or rapid recovery to a previous
> system state. Both cases are handled extremely well by imaging software.

Sorry; I have had to MANY times restore a single file from tape, because
someone inadvertantly deleted their only copy. I've yet to re-image
because of catastrophic disk failure, altho I have done it a couple
times to return to a known system state. Also, any business will keep
end of month backups, off site, for x number of years. For example, I
have monthlies going back 2 years. And yes, I have had to actually
restore just 1 file/directory off a tape 15 months old, in order to
re-file government reports.

And the tape media is a lot cheaper than a spare hard drive every 3-4
months. Also, if the drive goes bad, you can lose all 4 months. If one
tape goes bad, you still have tapes for the other months.

So disk imaging is more viable for a home user, but certainly not a

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