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Re: [PLUG] Postscript, Ghostscript, and pdf

Leonard Rosenthol wrote:


> >  > It's use on screen, and weird things like Display Postscript (DPS)
> >>  were hacks, more so than anything else.
> >
> >Well. I'm rather affectionate of Display Postscript being as I have
> >a pare of NeXT cubes, but I don't care to speak for or against its
> >state as a hack.
>         Don't get me wrong, DPS was a VERY cool idea (in it's day)
> and definitely helped Steve sell cubes & pizza boxes.  Unfortunately,
> it's the wrong approach to the problem (IMO) since using a
> programming language (PS) as your real-time screen display engine has
> too much overhead and potential security issues.

Just to throw in a little Linux related info here...  Did you'all know
that there are a couple DPS extensions that run with X-Windows under
Linux (and probably other Free OS's, although I haven't tried them.) 
XFree86 now ships with the DPS client libraries, and after you install a
DPS interpreter you are all set to use DPS.  (Not that it's extremely
useful, as Len mentions, but it's neat to do.  And if you ever liked
programming in PS it has some nice potential.)

Here's one of the links

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