paul on Sat, 20 Oct 2001 11:45:48 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Wireless Card Recommendation

> AOL cd for you my friend!
> ;)
> Seriously are you considering putting Linux into this
> mix too? I'm getting VERY curious about wireless
> Linux.

No Linux. This is going to be my sista's network. (She doesn't even like
the concept of logging in to her own PC. And everyone was giving me a
hard time about logging in as root!) However, someone recently posted a
URL to Linux Journal about using Linux as a wireless router. Check the
recent archives.

I found a couple places that have an IBM wireless card for $25.00 or
$30.00, but you can only order one at a time. If you select two or more
it says, "Out of stock." That price doesn't include the PCI bus adapter.
And the price of wireless gateways is not very low.

Maybe I should switch back to shopping for a wired network. The
price/performance and price/convenience ratios still don't look to good
for wireless, considering that there are no laptops in the mix. The
original idea was to pop together a 100Mbps network because it is cheap
and effective. The Cat5e cable can be ran along with coax for TV and a
two-pair phone line, which will converge at a "wiring closet" which can
contain a MODEM, router, TV distribution amplifier, and a phone line
distribution block...eventually. 8-)

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