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Re: [PLUG] Trouble w/ procmail

Isn't the .forward file handled by the mta prior to handing it off to
the procmail filter?  Thus when the mta sees the .forward file it just
forwards the mail the the listed recipiant@wherever.com.  Then the mail
filtering is handled at the final host.

I Think I have right?

gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 02:18:53PM -0400, Jon Nelson wrote:
> > commented it out.  Restarted Postfix.  Send test mail, still no
> > logging/filtering.
> Hrm. Mail is still being delivered, but not sorted.
> You're sure you've got the .forward set properly?
> (|/path/to/procmail should do it, make sure there's a newline and
> that it's world readable... also, that your home directory is world
> executable. Oh, all that presuming you're not running Postfix as
> root. You shouldn't be.)
> Short of that, could you attach your .procmailrc to your next mail
> to the list? Maybe there's a typo in it. (You can check yourself by
> using procmail as a mail filter with the -m argument.)
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