Mike Leone on Thu, 6 Dec 2001 16:20:18 +0100

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Re: [PLUG] from Paris to Phily

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 09:03:50AM -0500, Mike Leone wrote:
> > > It's generally about $15-25USD per month.  $20 is an exceedingly
> > > price.  Some providers charge a couple dollars more.  Others will
> > > a little less if you pay for several months in advance.  If you get a
> > > second phone line, you can expect to pay around $20/month for that as
> > > well.
> >
> > Is the call included in the 20$ cost?
> > In france we have to pay the line for data access and for voice
> > access (even local call) and we also need to give money to the ISP.
> The $20 is a monthly ISP charge, for unlimited usage. The charge from the
> telephone company (Verizon, aka Bell Atlantic) for a phone line is
> approximately $20 a month; you can sign up for what's known as unlimited
> local calling, which is no extra, metered-charges per phone call, within a
> "local" area. (Verizon can tell you is your ISP will be a local call for
> you, once you actually get a phone line to call from).
> Example: I had a $20 a month unlimited ISP charge from Plantagenet
> (http://www.pil.net); I had a 2nd phone line, with unlimited local calling
> (any calls within the city of Philadelphia) for $25 a month. Total was $45
> for unlimited 56K dialup; I now pay a total of $50 for an unlimited 640K
> line. 1200% increase in speed; 11% higher cost.
> Go broadband if you can. :-)

>Thank you for this concrete example.

You're welcome.

>If I understand correctly you compute like a salesmen. I imagine you
>keep a phone line for which you certainly pay monthly fee to verizon
>(perhaps 15$) so you changed from a 56k dialup for 45$ to a high speed
>connection + one phone line for 65$.

Accurate enough. I actually had 2 phone lines - 1 data only; 1 voice. The
charge for the voice line varies - there are per minute charges for
long-distance calls; I have other services activated on that line [Caller
ID, etc].  Now I only have 1 phone line, which is *both* voice and data,
since DSL is a service that can attached to an existing phone line
(presuming you order your DSL from Verizon, that is).

But your reasoning process is correct.

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