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Re: [PLUG] Addition to PLUG FAQ; ESR on smart question-asking

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>I, for one, read a lot but not all, of the links on the site. I did
>this because I was positively terrified of being told I was too dumb
>for the list as I was *such* a newbie when I subscribed. I think
>having helpful links *and* a blatant newbie section encouraging them
>to post and attend meetings too is a good idea. I am surprised to
>see you write people off so easily, Mike.

Just my cynical nature over-taking me again, I guess. I do see many
posts on other lists where you can tell 1 of 2 things:

1. The majority of people seem to have at least TRIED to help
themselves, altho not quite enough; these folks at least can see the
clue path thru the fog, even if they don't know all the first-run
tricks and tips to try. They learn and grow ... just like flowers.
2. The number of people whose 1st reaction to something that they
don't know is to email a list is still sizable.

Not suprisingly, the percentage of Windows users who do this seems to
be higher than Linux ones :-), but I still sometimes see it on Linux
lists, too. That part is a bit depressing, because Linux is still the
OS for people who have to have SOME clue as to how PCs operate (both
hardware and software). Luckily enough, I don't think I see many
repeat posters like that; the Linux folks (at least) seem to
eventually get at least part of the clue (see question type #1,
above). Hell, *I* don't even have the full clue most times. :-)

Don't get me wrong - as I say, including those links and those
instructions can't fail to help; I just don't see it as the cure-all.

Note, however, that we don't see too many of the totally clueless
newbies here. And if we do, they're at least polite about it, and try
to learn from the experience. I've seen my share of posts to other
lists that you just KNOW are coming from people who think that
they're talking to paid company support, and get annoyed when they
get no immediate, obsequious answers.

BTW ... you wanna see users written off real quick, go read the
mplayer list sometime. I subscribed, hoping to ask some questions
about using mplayer for streaming media; I left after 2 days, never
bothering to ask. Very dismissive, arrogant types over there.

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