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Re: Job Postings was Re: [PLUG] Another Job Opening [Network Admin - Plymouth Meeting]

Im gonna have to disagree with alot of this so far.
While I DO agree that tossing around job postings on
the PLUG list is probably inappropriate - perhaps we
could add a job section to the PLUG web site that
regulars could post to? I know there are a few links
there already... The point is that there are still
alot of unemployed folks out there who would like to
have any job... regardless of whether it's
administering NT or Unix or Linux or whatever. For you
to balk at non-linux job postings in this day and age
is bad form. Certainly I think the list should stay on
topic but to complain when a well-intentioned member
is trying to help out his fellow linux users with the
prospect of employment is just wrong.

That said... Im happy to write or help write or
upgrade the PLUG job section to allow for posts. We
could setup some kind of time limit so they'de
disapear after awhile.

Sure administering NT isn't as nice or as fun as linux
but there are some people out there who need jobs and
who wouldn't mind splitting a referral bonus. Don't
speak for them just because your job requirments allow
for linux ONLY.

- JP
--- Chuck Peters <> wrote:
> On 22 Mar 2002, Tobias DiPasquale wrote:
> > On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 21:13, Chuck Peters wrote:
> > >
> > > Agreed?
> >
> > No. How is it that you want to enforce this
> cost-per-message model? Are
> > we to give our credit card numbers upon signup for
> this list?
> I doubt PLUG even has a bank account.  I think that
> the mechanics of
> enforcement will be weak, but that doesn't mean that
> it would be
> impossible to collect.  Having thought about this
> issue some, what I plan
> to do with another Linux list is notify the user
> subscribing of the policy
> prior to them signing up.  The policy will be
> similiar to what Debian does
> with its advertising policy
> The
> bill is to be paid to and sent from a couple of
> non-profit groups: CCIL
> and EPCC (pending the approval of the non-profit
> boards of both
> organizations).  Perhaps PLUG can make arrangements
> with some local
> non-profits or who is hosting the
> lists.
> > And what
> > about people who access this list from a news
> gateway (as I do)?
> PLUG is obviously doing something to filter spam or
> this list would be
> filled with it.  I think adding some filtering for
> job postings shouldn't
> be too much trouble.
> > While
> > your idea may be nice in theory, it would be
> nearly impossible to manage
> > in practice. If you __REALLY__ don't want to see
> M$ postings that bad,
> > then we just block those members from the list
> after they perpetrate the
> > crime one time. That's a much simpler, easier task
> and will get the
> > point across with much more immediacy.
> That would be better than what we have now.  But I
> do prefer the idea of
> charging fees because it might generate some revenue
> and it sends a
> message to subscribers and companies that this list
> has REAL value.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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