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Re: [PLUG] Memory hardware questions

On Friday 05 July 2002 02:05 pm, Brian Epstein wrote:
> > believe it or not -- almost acceptable.  It is, however, spending
> > too much time swapping to disk.  I have limited memory upgrade
> > options --
> If you have an extra harddrive, you may try hooking that up to your
> second controller and putting swap exclusively on that drive.  It may
> speed up your computer (and would be cheaper if you have an extra hdd
> sitting around).

I do have an extra one, but there is no space in the box for it 
(currently 2 hdds, an internal zip and a cd take up all the space)
> > 128 mb max.  It takes what I believe are 70ns EDO SIMMs.  I've been
> > quoted $69 for 32 MB modules from Gateway (the system
> > manufacturer).  I have two questions.
> Wow, that is really expensive.  I normally get my RAM from Kingston
> (, but a friend recently turned me onto
> Crucial (

Yep.  $40 @ Crucial or $39 (w/ free shipping) @ 4allMemory.  Don't know 
the shipping @ Crucial.  Any experience with 4allMemory?

> Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if people on this group didn't have
> some old 70ns EDO's sitting around at home that they aren't using
> that they'd give to you (I'll check when I get home).

That's much cheaper <g> !
> > It will cost me $140 more (at Gateway prices) for 128 vs. 96 MB. 
> > Is the performance difference between 96 & 128 MB worth the
> > difference in price?
> For $140, no.  That's my opinion, though.  You could probably do
> better on EBAY or something.  Also, check out Pricewatch
> (  You should be able to get your computer
> up to speed for a lot less then that.

At the Crucial/4allMemory prices its $80/96 MB or $160/128 MB  I 
suppose that's worth it?


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