Naresh on Tue, 17 Sep 2002 13:44:09 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] RCN dial-up


Yes! I have been having problems with RCN internet connection too. This is
on my fathers Windows 2000 (Pro) machine. I can ping the ip address for
yahoo but I can't seem to ping therefore I concluded it was
a DNS problem. When I e-mailed RCN from my school account, they just sent
me documentation on how to set it up. They did not answer my question. I
am thinking of switching my ISP to something cheap (Around Upper Darby

Hope this helps...

Good Luck,

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Paul wrote:

> Does anyone use and have intermittent DNS problems with RCN dial-up?
> Sometimes name resolution fails under both Linux and WinX.  Sometimes
> DNS will stop responding during a connection, and sometimes it won't
> work at all.
> I called RCN's "tech support" and spoke with a "level 2" technician.
>  They gave me some garbage about the need to have "Client for Microsoft
> Networks" installed.  They wouldn't help me check the settings on my PC
> because I couldn't verify that I have an original Windows XP
> Professional CD.  I do have a Dell WinXP Home Edition reinstallation CD
> for my laptop, so they checked the settings on the laptop.  All they
> wanted me to do is enable "Client for Microsoft Networks" for my dial-up
> connection.
> I'm connected now using WinXP Pro *without* using "Client for Microsoft
> Networks"!
> I asked how a Mac can connect without a problem.  (How does a Mac connect?)
> Basically, I feel that they have a network problem, or a bad design,
> which causes intermittent name resolution failure.  But, they are hiding
> behind the requirement to have an original Windows CD and M$ client
> software installed.  Very frustrating.
> Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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