John Novatnack on Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:29:13 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] RCN dial-up

I hate to say this, but I highly doubt this is a RCN problem. If this was a problem with RCN's DNS's servers, you could not even get through on the phone line, so many people would be calling. Not to mention they most likely have multiple back ups of each server. I used to work at a ISP, and the sad fact is, there are a number of things within windows that can inhibit your DNS from working.

Naresh wrote:


Yes! I have been having problems with RCN internet connection too. This is
on my fathers Windows 2000 (Pro) machine. I can ping the ip address for
yahoo but I can't seem to ping therefore I concluded it was
a DNS problem. When I e-mailed RCN from my school account, they just sent
me documentation on how to set it up. They did not answer my question. I
am thinking of switching my ISP to something cheap (Around Upper Darby

Hope this helps...

Good Luck, Naresh.

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002, Paul wrote:

Does anyone use and have intermittent DNS problems with RCN dial-up?

Sometimes name resolution fails under both Linux and WinX.  Sometimes
DNS will stop responding during a connection, and sometimes it won't
work at all.

I called RCN's "tech support" and spoke with a "level 2" technician.
They gave me some garbage about the need to have "Client for Microsoft
Networks" installed.  They wouldn't help me check the settings on my PC
because I couldn't verify that I have an original Windows XP
Professional CD.  I do have a Dell WinXP Home Edition reinstallation CD
for my laptop, so they checked the settings on the laptop.  All they
wanted me to do is enable "Client for Microsoft Networks" for my dial-up

I'm connected now using WinXP Pro *without* using "Client for Microsoft

I asked how a Mac can connect without a problem.  (How does a Mac connect?)

Basically, I feel that they have a network problem, or a bad design,
which causes intermittent name resolution failure.  But, they are hiding
behind the requirement to have an original Windows CD and M$ client
software installed.  Very frustrating.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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