Barry Roomberg on Fri, 4 Jul 2003 14:34:05 -0400

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[PLUG] Position open for "Unix person"

Generic verbage:

Looking to hire a production person with Unix command line and
utility skills. This would be someone to be part of the setup 
on ongoing processing of Group-1 jobs as well as other file 
transfer and manipulation tasks. 

My geek add-on description:

(Note: This is not corporate sanctioned job language so
understand it may NOT be applicable, but it's my 2 cents)

This is not a programming position, this is production. That means
you have ongoing responsibility for various tasks relating to
the movement and manipulation of data. Group-1 are a series
of tools that include Merge/Purge, Address Standardization,
Zip+4 appends, etc. You may need to write some simple
parse/filters but no coding other than that. You are not expected
to know Group-1 coming in, but you will need to learn it.

If you are a sysadmin wannabe, ie: you have some decent Unix 
skills but you are not at sysadmin level yet, and you have
some decent data skills, ie: Tell me which file in the current
directory has the string "TAKE ME OFF THIS LIST OR I WILL SUE YOU"
and then you can get rid of that line without hurting the file,
you probably can do this job.

Basic Unix tool / environmental knowledge is required, ie:
cat, more, less, environmental variables,cut, grep, ps, nohup,
permissions, top, chmod, chgrp, setuid stuff, setgid stuff, 
pipes, names pipes, pipelines, simple shell scripting, ftp,
ssh, vi or emacs, nice, renice, batch.

Nice touches but not required: awk (not really used, but good 
basis to learn Perl as a next step), Perl, a bit of C (for those 
moments when Perl simply isn't fast enough, curl, nfs vs samba 
issues, Group 1, Sun Gridware, Solaris vs Linux vs Windows vs 
OS/390 issues as they relate to data, EBCDIC vs ASCII , binary
data vs character data and those mixtures such as zoned decimal,
SAS, enough network knowledge to determine when your files are not 
getting where they should be and why, enough performance knowledge
to be able to determine if you are bottlenecking on CPU vs disk
vs network vs memory.

We are outside Northeast Philly area. No relo available. Salary
depends on experience so I really have nothing postable on it. I know
they have a wide range in mind so it is up to the person to ask and prove
worthwhile. The more real world data experience you have, the better.

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