Arthur S. Alexion on Tue, 8 Jul 2003 08:37:15 -0400

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[PLUG] help runing fluxbox from kdm

Distro = Red Hat 7.2
KDE = 2.2.2
fluxbox = 0.1.14

I boot into and log out to KDM where other users in my family can log
in.  In other words, when the computer is not in use it is displaying
the kdm session manager.  I have been running fluxbox as my window
manager, lately, but my son and daughter prefer KDE.

When I first loaded the distro, it installed KDE (default) Gnome, Window
Maker, fvwm and twm.  However Kkdm was only configured to display kde,
gnome, and "failsafe", as choices.  (Failsafe boots into plain XFree86
with xterm running.)  I used the gui configurator in the KDE control
panel to add windowmaker, fvwm and twm as choices.  I didn't do anything
else other than add the aforementoined lower case entries as choices,
and they all worked.

A couple of months ago, I installed fluxbox, and added that choice to
the session list for kdm.  However, whenever I triy to run fluxbox from
kdm, the default kde is launched instead.  The only way I have been able
to start fluxbox is to load Window Maker, and switch from there to fluxbox.

I have read the documentation for kdm and kdmrc installed on my hard
drive.  It references Xsession and Xclients and xinitrc, but I can't
decipher them.  The fluxbox documentation says I should put the line
exec /usr/local/bin/fluxbox
in ~/.xinitrc  At first I couldn't see how that would work if I wasn''t
logged in when kdm was launched, but in desperation, I tried it.  No
luck.  Xclients refers to a file $HOME/.wm_style  but there is no such
file on my system, and I have no guidance as to what the structure
should be.

Can anyone help me get kdm to allow fluxbox sessions without first
launching Window Maker?


Art Alexion
Arthur S. Alexion LLC

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