Michael Leone on Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:35:16 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Kyle R. Burton said:
> If it doesn't cost the installers any more to do 98 vs Linux, why not
> poll  the kids and their families and let them choose?  List what each
> one comes with, the beneifts that we feel relate to each offering and
> allow them to choose their own destiny (perhaps with an offer to
> re-install their system if they change their minds later?).

Windows will be the most common answer. :-) That's what they've heard of;
that's what they've used at their friends' house; that's what the parents
most likely use at work (if at all); that's what the PCs at school
(likely) run; it's what they use at the library, probably.

Most of the kids will say they want games, and cool chat software. Some
may want programming stuff, if they're incipient geeks. The parents will
want more than that for the kids.

That's been my experience with the younger (< 12 or so) crowd, anyway.

> Linux:
>   Pre-installed with:
>     - web browser (value $0)
>     - full office suite(s) (value $300?)
>     - programming languages (value $500?)

Well, there is a free version of C for Windows, I believe. Ditto for perl,
python, etc.

>     - web page editor(s) (value $79.95?)

Front Page Express on Windows is a web editor, and is free. And web pages
can be edited using open Office these days, I believe.

>     - image/graphics software (Gimp) (value $200?)

Gimp is available for Windows, and is free.

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