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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

On Saturday 12 July 2003 7:31 pm, Jon Nelson wrote:
> M.Simons said:
> > Motivation.. I've seen some things Jon has said.. but I'm not entirely
> > sure what sparked this initial project interest.. Is this a requirement
> > of the job?  Did you go and get arrested for jaywalking and then
> > sentenced to community service?  :D Are you just bored with plenty of
> > time and decided to do something good?  Did you talk to someone (say,
> > maybe someone who works at teamchildren) and they sold you with a fever
> > pitch on the idea? Do you have kids in this school district?  What is it?
> When I first saw your post I started replying to it by answering the
> majority of the questions in your email.  Then I figured that you were
> putting these questions out as food for thought and not necessarily for
> direct comment.
> When I hit the "Motivation" paragraph though, I had to respond. I'm sure
> you didn't mean to offend me but you did.  I really didn't appreciate that
> you insinuated that I'm forced to do it out of a job requirement or my
> "sentence".
> Many people probably don't believe it but the majority of cops are good
> people and have taken their positions because of their interest in public
> service.  I am one of those cops.  I have made many sacrifices and endured
> a great amount of stress in my 15 years of public service to be where I
> am.  And I wouldn't change anything.
> As far as how I came up with this idea...  I worked as a road Trooper for
> three year in Delaware Co. and saw how bad it could be for kids in
> Chester, which is probably the most depressed municipality in the area.  I
> have a friend who is a teacher in the school I am trying to target and
> have listened to the horror stories of how really bad it is in Chester for
> these kids.  I found out about Team Children through an article in a local
> paper, and due to my love of computers and Linux I eventually put two and
> two together.  Mostly I believe that it is because I am a good person and
> a truly care about my fellow man, isn't that enough?

Jon, thank you very much for getting this thread going. Look at how much 
traffic this thread has generated. Obviously, you have sparked some interest 
here. I hope that you are still interested in pursuing the goals originally 
stated. I personally feel that I do far too little public and community 
service and charity.

So, what is necessary to get started?

> Thank you very much for your comments and I believe that they will be very
> helpful to this project.

By the way, I don't think the questions were meant as an insult, although they 
probably could have been worded better. The questions sounded to me like 
someone who hears a lot of talk from others with very little follow through. 
In your line of work, there's very little question about how much time you 
devote to public service.

> Jon
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Jason Nocks

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