Art Clemons on Wed, 23 Jul 2003 17:46:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Speakeasy Worldcom-to-Covad nightmare

>I tried connecting a Linux box as a firewall, but all traffic was
>halted.  It seemed that when the saw a Linux system with a dhcp client
>it would not assign an IP address.  So I bought a Belkin router and
>connected her Linux box and her Windows box.

Actually, what probably went wrong was that the cable modem wasn't unplugged and recycled, the off button doesn't really turn it off. I have used several different Linux boxes as firewalls on Comcast and all worked. I've become paranoid and use a router as well as a 486 Linux box as a firewall though. As far as I can tell, Comcast's newer TOS do not ban routers and in fact in some locales, they even sell/rent one to customers. The cable modem incidentally only responds to one MAC address, that's why it has to be recycled when switching computers or NICs.

>The Belkin router allows port forwarding so I can ssh into the Linux

You might want to check for security holes in whatever version of ssh you're using, there always seem to be new holes opening up unexpectedly.

>Comcast and Verizon do not allow any servers and they will not give you
>a static IP

While Verizon makes it difficult with its DHCP to get a single IP address, Comcast is pretty lazy, for the most part if you use the same MAC address with a cable modem, you'll usually keep the same IP address unless Comcast upgrades things or changes its setup. There are also options like dyndns, or sending an email every hour with the present IP address.

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