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Re: [PLUG] Speakeasy Worldcom-to-Covad nightmare

My Linux box (e-smith) works just fine on Comcast.

Secret?  When the cable modem powers up it reads the first MAC address
it sees (your Linux box) and won't talk to any other MAC address.

If you connect another computer to the cable modem you should power the
cable modem down for 1 to 2 minutes so it goes "dumb" and accepts a new
MAC address.

Comcast telephone help person told me that!  

It's never failed me since :-D

I use so non-static IP is irrelevant.
The detection of servers is probably not a routine thing... it's time
consuming, irritates the customers, and produces little tangible
benefit.  Now if the customer is constantly saturating the connection with
traffic to their XXX picture site then they are waving a red flag... and I
suspect the bull will arrive shortly.  For "normal" users we just fly
under the radar.


On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 02:40:01PM -0400, LeRoy Cressy wrote:
> My mother has Comcast out in Downingtown.  At times the loop gets full 
> and the speed is simular to dialup.  I tried connecting a Linux box as a 
> firewall, but all traffic was halted.  It seemed that when the saw a 
> Linux system with a dhcp client it would not assign an IP address.  So I 
> bought a Belkin router and connected her Linux box and her Windows box.
> The Belkin router allows port forwarding so I can ssh into the Linux Box
> Comcast and Verizon do not allow any servers and they will not give you 
> a static IP
> I hope that Speakeasy doesn't do the same to me.  Thankfully there is no 
> Covad in Juniata Park.
> There are other ISP's other than Speakeasy in the area that will give 
> you a static IP along with allowing you to run your own servers.
> For the switch over you might want to install the new ISP on a second line.
> W. Chris Shank wrote:
> > Speakeasy switched my circuit form WorldCom to Covad at teh beginning of
> > the month. After a 2 day outage during the switchover - I was fine for
> > abuot 8 days then I went dark 2 weeks ago tomorrow, and been that way
> > ever since. Trying to figure out what is happening between Covad and
> > Verizon is like watching 10 year siblings fight over who gets to sit in
> > the front seat. It looks like I will be moving to a cable modem
> > (reluctantly) - but before I do - I want to know if anyone else
> > experienced a similar nightmare during their switch? 
> > 
> > Also - I figure if I had been with Verizon directly this issue would
> > have gotten fixed quickly. Anyone with Verizon? How do you like it? Do
> > you have any trouble remotely connecting to your machines? Server's are
> > a no-no I guess, what about multiple machines sharing the line?
> > 
> > I'd really like to continue to host my own server - but if I have to I
> > can give that up. remotely connecting to machines is really important
> > for me though - can I do this with a cable modem? I'm already setup with
> > DynDNS, but I seem to recall that Comcast blocks all upstream
> > connections.
> > 
> > Thanks
> > 
> > 
> > 
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