John Fiore on Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:48:14 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Speakeasy Worldcom-to-Covad nightmare

Same thing happened with me.  I had DCANet with Covad
as the service provider.  Everything was great for
about a year and a half.  Though the speed wasn't that
great, the service was very reliable, and the 6 static
IPs was a nice bonus.

When my service went out, I was on the phone with
DCANet, Covad, the pope, and just about everyone else
several times per week for a month with no success. 
As someone else on the list mentioned, everyone tried
pinning the blame on the person that wasn't on the
phone.  I was even scheduled for a Covad service
person to come to the home.  I stayed home from work,
and nobody showed -- on two different occasions.

Finally, I just gave up and changed over to Verizon.

I have heard all of the Verizon horror stories, and I
resisted switching to them, but to be honest, they've
been very good so far.  1.5 Mbps down, 128 kbps up,
and, so far, I haven't had any down time.  DHCP is a
bit annoying -- believe it or not, the address changes
pretty much daily.  Otherwise, so far so good.

--- "W. Chris Shank" <>
> Speakeasy switched my circuit form WorldCom to Covad
> at teh beginning of
> the month. After a 2 day outage during the
> switchover - I was fine for
> abuot 8 days then I went dark 2 weeks ago tomorrow,
> and been that way
> ever since. Trying to figure out what is happening
> between Covad and
> Verizon is like watching 10 year siblings fight over
> who gets to sit in
> the front seat. It looks like I will be moving to a
> cable modem
> (reluctantly) - but before I do - I want to know if
> anyone else
> experienced a similar nightmare during their switch?
> Also - I figure if I had been with Verizon directly
> this issue would
> have gotten fixed quickly. Anyone with Verizon? How
> do you like it? Do
> you have any trouble remotely connecting to your
> machines? Server's are
> a no-no I guess, what about multiple machines
> sharing the line?
> I'd really like to continue to host my own server -
> but if I have to I
> can give that up. remotely connecting to machines is
> really important
> for me though - can I do this with a cable modem?
> I'm already setup with
> DynDNS, but I seem to recall that Comcast blocks all
> upstream
> connections.
> Thanks
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