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Re: [PLUG] OT: vintage computer collectors ?

On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 07:15 AM, M.Simons wrote:

 So I'm curious to know, what if any computer types each of you may
collect, or if you are looking for anything special...

I mostly collect non-x86 *NIX boxes. I've collected mostly sparcs and will probably try to limit most of my new acquisitions to UltraSPARCs. I've got two Alphas (one working) and wouldn't mind expanding that a little. Three HP's but until I scrounge a good copy of the HPUX 11 install media there isn't much I can do with them (no I don't want to run Linux on them... the whole point was to learn HPUX). I've got one Vax that I picked up shortly before moving so I haven't had an opportunity to do anything with it yet. I don't yet have but would like to get my hands on some RS/6000 boxen as well as SGI.

Before I moved up here I had incorporated some of these machines into a build farm and gave access to members of the MySQL development team, SETI@Home as well as some other OSS projects (yeah I know SETI@Home isn't OSS but they were happy to build & distribute binaries for any platform that I gave 'em access to).

When my place in Prospect Park is done I'd like to get the build farm going again, but this time with single sign-on (via LDAP & Kerberos V probably), NFS mounted home directories, etc.

I'm especially interested in picking up some corporate or academic castoffs that are irrelevant in those circles but still useful for OSS development. For example, in the Sun line, anything sun4u or better. Got an Ultra 5 sitting around (or an Ultra 60 or even 80 heh) I'd be happy to give in a few more years of productive use if your shop thinks it is ready for retirement.

Oh yeah, I'm looking for sysadmin work, too, if anyone's got an opening. Resume on my web site in PDF format.


C. Magnus Hedemark
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