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[PLUG] OT: vintage computer collectors ?


   Many of you know what I do with rescuing and salvaging... well, stuff,
junk, what have you...  of course I'm also a long term computer folk with
lots of old computer junk...

 So I'm curious to know, what if any computer types each of you may
collect, or if you are looking for anything special...

Right now as it stands.. I've got a bunch of 5 1/4" disks from an old
(well, I can't call it wintel, because it was pre-pre-windows most likely..)
pc type system..  I'm not interested in this family of software... and I'm
trying to clean out my basement.. so I wish to get rid of these.. and I'd
like to get these to someone who might actually be excited to load them up
and see whats on them.. I mean, I know guys who use 5 1/4" disks as
cd-holders, but I'd prefer to get them to someone who might be actually
interested in the programs and demos or whatever the heck resides on these

There's always more, but let me know off-list so we don't build a huge
meaningless thread here. :)

I of course have stuff I'm interested in, but it's primarily towards newer
computer equipment, office/warehouse stuff or funds for my nonprofit, or
certain niche vintage computers or game systems or
audio/video/photo/film/music stuff.

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