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RE: [PLUG] cable modem and MAC

Thats all fine 

modem ---> linux router ----X0----> other machine
                 ---wireless card----> wireless machine

You could get a cheap switch to replace your xo cable with in case you want
to plug more machines on to you network.

Also when you setup IPtables i would suggest taking a look at a program
called fwbuilder Its a helpful interface for keeping your rules straight,
though it does make very messy looking chains.

Kevin Ruse
Kvaerner Philadelphia Shipyard

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Subject: Re: [PLUG] cable modem and MAC

Art Clemons wrote:

> Paul:
> >Good!  Thanks to you and all.  Looks like my GNU/Linux PC will become
> >our new router/firewall/wireless access point.  Although I see routers
> >for $30 or $40 dollars, that is expensive for me at this time, and I
> >figure I can learn more by using iptables.
> Since you are going to go this route, could you over the course of a 
> few weeks detail what you're doing for a router.  For example are you 
> going to try something like Coyote Linux or are you just going to run 
> a script on an already working box?  I personally am intrigued by the 
> concept of a one floppy setup system and have played with them but the 
> NAT routers are fun.  Of course tcpdumping the IP address was fun, and 
> let me know that at least someone in my cable subnet was scanning ports.

I'm glad you asked this question.  I need another NIC!  I didn't realize 
it until I went to make a connection list.

I will be using my RedHat 9.0 PC as a router and workstation.  Nothing 
unusual.  Here's my initial arrangement:

GNU/Linux PC
-- crossover cable to second PC
-- wireless card to wireless laptop

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