Douglas Johnson on Sat, 20 Sep 2003 01:09:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Re: messed up redhat box

> What did you try to do to "thwart the verisign catchall thing"

I pointed in /etc/host to nulladdress.localdomain in hopes
that my computer would go their when tring to do figure out where verisign
is so that all of my webcrawling scripts that rely on requests dying when
a dns is no longer valid would work correctly (I havn't had a problem with
them yet but that dosn't mean thier not indexing the hell out of that 
verisign site). Unfortunatly I think that /etc/hosts is only used to 
do (are the called forward?) name resolutions. Oh well. 

resolve.conf looks like this:
[douglas@localhost douglas]$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script

iptables-save without paramters returns nothing.
I don't think I maid it clear in my first post that every other site in the internet seems 
to work fine (slashdot LWN CNN REUTERS landez) I have sshed to hosts in utah florida and lasvegas
and 'wget'ed just fine from the same remote (ip) address that is refusing me here.

can anyone reading this that has comcast in philly see

I am worried that this is a virus of some sort so I am going to boot over to windows and see
how things are hanging there. Thanks

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