Paul on Sat, 20 Sep 2003 01:24:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Re: cable modem and MAC

Tom Diehl wrote:

On Fri, 19 Sep 2003, Paul wrote:

So, the questions become... How can I establish an encypted tunnel between a Windows laptop and a GNU/Linux PC? How can I make sure the laptop will not be compromised, allowing an attack to use that encryted tunnel for its own purposes? Should I not use adhoc mode?

One possibility is to run NoCatAuth on the linux box. That will force you to use an ssl encrypted connection, assuming you configure it properly. :-)

You could also add putty on the windoze box to talk to the linux box via ssh.

It has PuTTY installed and I did consider it. What I want to try now is FreeS/WAN. First, between RedHat and Mandrake. Then, between RedHat and XP.

Also, I replaced the linux-wlan driver with the HostAP driver. From what I understand, the HostAP driver will allow my wireless card to function in different modes such as ad-hoc, infrastructure, or master (AP) mode.

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