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Re: [PLUG] Re: Robert Cringely expounds upon Linux and the WRT54G

On 30 May, 2004, at 13:31, Michael C. Toren wrote:

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 11:19:12AM -0400, Barry Roomberg wrote:
Every single TOS for cable and DSL that I have seen specifically excludes
reselling your bandwidth. Even DSL w/ dedicated IP and the ability to put up
servers STILL says you can't open up your connection for other people to pay
you to access it.

FWIW, Robert Cringely has addressed this issue in earlier wireless articles:


The issue is still that of a broken infrastructure -- real time micro payments do not exist in this country.

The idea that one must "subscribe" in advance and forecast your usage is the antithesis of "wireless." ... be it cell phones or computers.

BTW -- anybody know the NUMBER of laptops in existance with 802.11x capabilities?

THAT number is the total market size. There might be a couple of additional iPaqs or Palms to throw in, but they and their ilk never caught on. (A Blackberry is NOT an 802.11x access device.)

BTW, I assume folks saw T-mobile's announcement Wednesday to provide 802.11 at Head House in Old City. (Free for six months.)


       Philadelphia Inquirer 5/26/04

"South St. area to get wireless Net access

GIF image

With T-Mobile and Comcast on board, Headhouse Square will offer visitors a free way to go online next month.

GIF image

By Linda K. Harris Inquirer Staff Writer

GIF image

Come next month, you'll be able to chill outdoors in Headhouse Square and watch the South Street throngs while catching up on your e-mail or working via high-speed Internet.

Along Second Street, from South to Pine, a new "hot zone" is being created that pairs Comcast's broadband Internet access and T-Mobile's wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi. For six months, anyone will be able to use it free of charge.

The plan started out months ago over a couple of beers.

Wendy Verna, owner of the Octo Design Group near Sixth and South Streets, and Jim Battista, an art director, were talking about wireless access. Battista suggested how cool it would be to have it in the area, and Verna took the idea to the South Street Headhouse District board, of which she is a member.

City Councilman Frank DiCicco got involved to help develop the idea and to aid group members in making contact with city agencies, such as the Department of Licenses and Inspections, because they weren't sure what kind of permits were needed.

This is T-Mobile's first venture into outdoor hot spots. The Bellevue, Wash., company got into the hot spot business 21/2 years ago. Wi-Fi hot spots are now all over the city - in coffee shops, print shops, and other commercial places.

"There are some operational differences in this and our other hot spots," said Joseph Sims, vice president and general manager for T-Mobile HotSpot. "We expect to learn a lot about how customers use laptops. We're anxious to hear how they feel about it and get their feedback and input on it."

Michael Doyle, president of Comcast's Eastern Division, said he thought the new hot zone would bring more people to South Street.

"The area benefits because it takes a robust area and makes it more robust," he said. "I think it will attract a lot of high-tech people to the area."

The Convention Center and the Reading Terminal Market are indoor spaces with free Internet access. And some outdoor areas have wireless access because of the indoor setups. Also, the mayor has promised that wireless Internet access will soon be offered in LOVE Park.

Still, the people who have worked to bring the new accessibility to Headhouse Square say they are hopeful that it will bring the hippest street in town another sort of distinction.

"Hopefully, it can help change the mind-set of what South Street is all about," said DiCicco, who represents the area.

Verna said she believed the hot zone would be a great addition to the area.

"I think it's going to show that we're on the cutting edge of everything and bring the old South Street up to the new."
Contact staff writer Linda K. Harris at 215-854-4417 or lharris@phillynews.com.

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