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Re: Fwd: Re: [PLUG] Adding a new HD

On Wednesday 1 September 2004 02:10 pm, Art Alexion wrote:

> Well, I have a copy of Mandrake 9.1 (heard there were CD-ROM problems
> with 9.2) that I might try.  

There was, it was only one particular manufacturer who had buggy firmware 
(which "reused" a standard ATAPI command to alter the firmware). cf.
http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/lgerrata.php3 if you're intersted in the gory 

Mandrake 10.0 has been out for a while (10.1 is in beta at the moment) and has 
seemed stable and a noticeable improvement on 9.x (especially if you're a KDE 
user - there were a lot of KDE optimisations in that timeframe). I have CDs 
if you don't have broadband.

> I have been intrigued with a hardware optimized Gentoo install, but
> don't have any ISOs or CDs.

I installed Gentoo once, replaced it with Mandrake again about a month later. 
It was always more effort than it seemed worth to me. I've done the "build 
your own distro" thing before so it was more an exercise in frustration than 
a useful learning experience, and the speed gains didn't seem noticeable on 
my hardware. If you have the time and want to learn about the intricasies of 
the OS, it's a useful way to do it.

> Any opinions -- plus or minus -- on those choices?

I've been biased in Mandrake's direction for a couple of years now. I'd 
recommend 9.1 over 9.2 if that's your choice, but 10.0 over 9.x. In general I 
find it usually just works, installs are easy, hardware dectection finds 
almost anything I've thrown it at so far. I did a server upgrade from 9.2 to 
10.0 entirely through urpmi (Mandrake's apt-get equivalent) without 
significant problems.

I haven't used SuSE at all, so can't comment there.

If you have the drive space, you can always install several in parallel and 
see what you like. (Though I definitely recommend making sure you're using 
the same version of your desktop environment on each version unless you have 
seperate /home for each too).

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