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Re: Fwd: Re: [PLUG] Adding a new HD

MJH wrote:

On Wednesday 1 September 2004 02:10 pm, Art Alexion wrote:

Well, I have a copy of Mandrake 9.1 (heard there were CD-ROM problems
with 9.2) that I might try.

Mandrake 10.0 has been out for a while (10.1 is in beta at the moment) and has seemed stable and a noticeable improvement on 9.x (especially if you're a KDE user - there were a lot of KDE optimisations in that timeframe). I have CDs if you don't have broadband.

Well, as we speak (so to speak), I am doing my first attempt at an iso download. Wish me luck.

I've been biased in Mandrake's direction for a couple of years now. I'd recommend 9.1 over 9.2 if that's your choice, but 10.0 over 9.x. In general I find it usually just works, installs are easy, hardware dectection finds almost anything I've thrown it at so far. I did a server upgrade from 9.2 to 10.0 entirely through urpmi (Mandrake's apt-get equivalent) without significant problems.

OK, I'm sold...

If you have the drive space, you can always install several in parallel and see what you like. (Though I definitely recommend making sure you're using the same version of your desktop environment on each version unless you have seperate /home for each too).

Now that is a relevant concern as I wanted to share a /home between RH 7.3 my current /working well/ distro and the new one which will definitely have different versions.


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