Russell Nordquist on 3 Sep 2004 05:57:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] PLUG meeting??

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 00:39, Mike Leone wrote:
> > > 
> > > That is the official address of the university, I believe. Not 
> > > necessarily of a particular hall, it appears.
> > > 
> > 
> > from linked to 
> > the 9/1 announcement. <snip> Rosenberger Hall, Room 101 
> > 600 South 43rd Street 
> > Philadelphia, PA 19104-4495 
> > <snip>
> > 
> > pretty specific, eh?
> "Alternative site: Griffith Hall, usually room C 
> Griffith C is a more traditional university classroom - it has similar
> presentation facilities for presenters, but has no power or Ethernet
> connections at the individual seats. Griffith is the building directly
> across the street from Rosenberger (see directions further down this
> page)."
> Not exactly explicit that if you can't find the meeting in one location,
> to try the other, but still specific as to the most likely meeting
> location, if the meeting turns out to not be in Rosenberger Hall.

Ok, granted that there as well. touche'. i saw it later, but it not
having printed everything i was SOL with only the Resenberger info. is
it just me or does the web page make it seem like Rosenburger is the
main meeting place (it might just be me)? perhaps it's the printed
address.  i was more kicking up a fuss because i can't be the only new
person that screws this up. 

> Perhaps have been signs posted on the door of Rosenberger to direct
> people across the street. I know we had done that in the past. 

that would have done it. or a large penguin hanging on the right


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