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Re: [PLUG] PLUG meeting??

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 02:34:37PM -0400, Guillermo Moyna wrote:
> >Does anyone know what the correct street address is?
> The correct address is indeed 600 South 43rd street. Maybe you need to 
> add that the meetings are in Griffith Hall, across the street from the 
> actual postal address, which is the main building...

Thanks for confirming.  I've overhauled the directions on the PLUG website
(http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html), which hopefully will make
things clearer for the future.  Comments are welcome, especially from those
who previously found the page confusing.

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 12:35:53PM -0400, kaze wrote:
> Here are some more maps to make life easier - for
> http://www.phillylinux.org/locations/usp.html as the currently linked
> http://www.phillylinux.org/images/tn_largeUSPmap.gif is not that great.

I agree that the thumbnail image "tn_largeUSPmap.gif" isn't so wonderful,
but I think the larger image it links to I think is quite good.

> http://www.voicenet.com/~kaze/plug/USPtweaked.jpg

Thanks; this I think is very helpful with the superimposed building names,
and I've included a copy of it on the new directions page.


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