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Re: [PLUG] weird mozilla spam issue

Art Clemons wrote:

>I have noticed that some spam -- that isn't caught by the filter -- >gets automatically marked as read. This is advertising mail, not viral >vectors. Have the spammers figured out some protocol that does this, >or has anyone heard about this as a mozilla problem?

I realize I'm coming late to this discussion but is your copy of Mozilla perhaps set to mark some email matching a set of criteria as read. That's what I used to do with Netscape to get rid of spam before better tools and spam detection began. I found it safer than automatically deleting email or moving most stuff to a junk folder.

No, my filters are set to usually move mail to different folders, with a few that delete. Current mozilla releases have a built in bogofilter that marks mail as spam, and you can configure it to move of delete the detected spam. It currently misses about 10% of actual spam (false negatives) but only gets 0.2% false positives (1 in 328, today) and those tend to be spam looking messages from vendors whose ads I have an interest in.

I have noticed that the automatically-marked-read messages tend to have as their subject ¨Re:[1]¨ or another number in the same pattern.


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