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Re: [PLUG] Information about Encryption Algorithm & there comparisons.

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McLinux wrote:
| Hi All,
| I am interested in studying various encryption algorithms ( Mainly I am
| interested in studying there comparisons). Can anyone please reply with
| URL or any site where I can find them?

I found the book "Pratical Cryptography" by Bruce Schneier and Nels
Ferguson very good in describing the various algorithims.  I also
subscribe to Bruce's monthly cryptogram news letter which can be found
at http://www.schneier.com/ along with other stuff.  The AES algorithim
has a number of utilities that enable auto mounting of encrypted drives,
if you trust the NSA.  There are a number of other algorithims available
that work great with losetup and a loop device.  Though manually
mounting a partition with losetup and a separate mount command takes a
little longer, there is possibly an added layer of security.

Another website with a lot of info is
http://linuxfromscratch.org/~devine/erfs-howto.html which tells you how
to create an encrypted root file system.  In my opinion that is going a
little overboard, but on a laptop the /home partition should be
encrypted incase the laptop is absconded.  This will protect you
personal and corporate info.  If there is a database loaded on the
laptop for a salesperson then the /var/lib/mysql/ or whatever database
you are using could be a symlink pointing to the encrypted partition.

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