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[PLUG] ACT! - was critique

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> On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 02:43, Howard Bloom wrote:
> > So instead of ACT/Outlook I get Mozilla/Nothing.  
> Hrmm. Interesting. IIRC, Act! does contact managment and also 
> has some tickler functions. Ya know, this might be an 
> interesting lil project to try to do in PHP (basically, cause 
> that's all I know).
> Howard, am I right as to what ACT!'s basic functions are? 
> I've never really used it, as I prefer a more traditional way 
> of doing things, Yellow Postit notes all over my monitor :)

Act! Is a contact manager.  It is not a mail program or just an address
book, but a very complicated tickler system to keep information about any
contact right in front of your face, and the ability to schedule.  It ties
into Outlook but could replace outlook completely as it has its own mail
client built in, but it won't filter messages into folders.  It is now
running on SQL where it was running dbase foxpro before.

I can write letters directly from it, and also do mail merges or letter
merges using any bit of information stored.  

I have been using this product since 1989 when it was DOS version 1.  And
yes, it will get rid of the post it notes.


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