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RE: [PLUG] FW: flame wars

Passive Aggressive.  I think that is what Dan Gotlieb would call it.

And Yes, I top posted.

I almost quit the list AGAIN.  Who has time to spend on this?  I want
information on Linux not a flame war.

Andrew Bradley
abradley at secor dot com

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Chris Kelly wrote:

> dont drop him its what he wants... let the attention whore go away on 
> his own.

My feelings exactly. 

As for baiting vs. taking the bait, my wife sees this among 4th graders 
all the time.  A trouble maker, too smart to risk getting in trouble 
himself, keeps poking at someone to set /them/ off.  He gets the rush 
while the other kid gets in trouble.  Howard seems good and practiced at

this.  I saw a lot of people who never caused problems on this list, to 
my knowledge, take his bait; I did so myself.

People who get their rush by getting others to lose it get a big part of

their fulfillment when their targets get into trouble.  Please don't 
feed into that.


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