Paul on 15 Sep 2004 13:30:03 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] SuSE 9.1, Only 1%

Art Alexion wrote:

Paul wrote:

OK, so I took the Novell-SuSE 9.1 DVD and exported in through NFS. I was working my way through a remote install up to the point where the files started being copied. Two times the install froze at 1%. Has anyone run into a similar problem? Help?

I am interested in this because I am waiting on the DVD myself, and like you, have no DVD on my Linux machine. I had asked previously if the DVD was set up (like the Linux Format magazine DVDs) so that you could burn CDs from its various parts, and then use the CDs in your DVD-less machine. Is that possible? If its not, I'm either SOL or I need to look into that $20 DVD drive you mentioned.

SuSE claims that there is no way to make ISOs from their FTP downloads. It's my assumption that the same is claimed for the DVDs. I'm bet /someone/ could make ISOs out of the DVD, but that's not me and it might not even be worth the effort.

The installer offers NFS, FTP, Samba, hard drive, and maybe one or two other install methods. The thing that I find odd is that SuSE states that, it you download the entire FTP directory to a hard drive, you must then use NFS to do the install. Why is that if installing over the Internet is done through FTP using the same files?

Anyway, it would be really nice and convenient to have an external, Linux-compatible DVD reader/writer. Not just for this, but also for backing up non-networked computers. Of course, they cost a little more than the $20 internal drive. (Drive sales happen at least every other week.)

I'm considering temporarily moving the DVD reader to the test PC. Though, it's not too unlikely that the PC itself is the problem.
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