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Re: [PLUG] deadkeys

Kevin Carruthers wrote:

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 20:15, Art Alexion wrote:

Kevin Carruthers wrote:

Is AltGr (ModeShift) turned on in XF86Config?

Here is the keyboard section

   # **********************************************************************
   # Keyboard section
   # **********************************************************************

Section "Keyboard"

   # To set the LeftAlt to Meta, RightAlt key to ModeShift,
   # RightCtl key to Compose, and ScrollLock key to ModeLock:

LeftAlt Meta
RightAlt Meta

Change to: RightAlt ModeShift

       ScrollLock      Compose
       RightCtl        Control

The Mode_switch key (sometimes called AltGr) is similar to shift. Between the two modifiers you can assign upto 4 characters per key.

X allows you to map any 4 keysyms (key behaviours - i.e. 'a', ESC,
PageUp, etc.) to any keycode (the physical key - i.e. scancodes).  This
means that you can turn your 'b' key into "shift" and 'shift-a' into
"7".  As if you would want to...

The keysyms associated with a keycode are shown as columns in the output of 'xmodmap -pk'. In my case:

$ xmodmap -pk | grep quotedbl
48 	- keycode (the '"' key)

0xfe51 (dead_acute) - unmodified key press

0xfe57 (dead_diaeresis) - Shift

0x0027(apostrophe) - Mode_switch

0x0022 (quotedbl) - mode_switch + shifted

So to get a '"' character I would have to press the "-key + Shift + Mode_switch. To get access to this special key, remap the right alt key (standard location):

#make the left "Alt" key the "Mode_Switch" key
bash$ xmodmap -e 'keycode 113 = Mode_switch'

# turn Mode_switch into a Modifier
bash$ xmodmap -e 'add mod3 = Mode_switch'

You may also need to make a change to XF86Config (see above).

You can actual map

Make the above change to XF86Config.

Restarted X and it works!  thanks so much.


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