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Re: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Malcolm J Harwood wrote:

> On Friday 17 September 2004 10:35 am, Doug Crompton wrote:
> If you just need a static IP (and not whatever else they include in
> "business" if anything), consider going with a reseller. ( is the
> one I use - they resell verizon/covad - currently you get up to 1.5/384
> for $52/month (inc tax)). DCA doesn't have 24x7 tech support (I think
> it's 8-8 and half days on weekends), if that's an issue, but there may
> be people who do.

I would not care if I had to call between 9-12 on mon,wed and Fri. The
point is I doubt I will be able to get a third party. This was the whole
issue a year ago. Verizon will not let third parties into their RT's. They
would not even let themselves into their RT's for awhile. I guess that is
starting to change though.

I will check DCA but I am not holding my breath.

> Unfortunately that's not true. With PPOE, your linux box needs to have a PPOE
> daemon running (just as you need a PPP daemon running on dialup). There's a
> couple available and they work fine (I had straight Verizon for a couple of
> months before discovering they lied about the availability of static IPs and
> in order to upgrade from dynamic to static I had to get a real ISP).

I am not sure what you are saying - lied about static IP's? - I would be
getting their "business DSL with static IP" - so I can run web and other
servers. I run virtual web hosting - one static IP now.

Would it be better to run a DSL router, let it handle PPOE, and pass the
one static IP to Linux (if you can do that), which would do the actual
192.168 local routing?

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